Friday, August 31, 2007

Who makes these rules? Andy

As some of you know, I am slooooowly finishing our basement. I had a great idea awhile back that I pitched to Becky... and it got immediately pooh-poohed. I mentioned how cool it would be to have a urinal in the basement. I mean what better way to make a space guy-friendly than to toss in a shiny white urinal. But this is not acceptable for some reason. I heard someone bring this up on the radio during my drive to work, and it had great support from male callers, but almost all females had a similar response to Becky's. This probably won't get me any closer to my dream, but If we can get a grass roots movement going, the urinal could replace the garden tub as the most desirable bathroom fixture in the US home market. Go ahead, pick one out.


Todd said...


I am totally down with you getting a urinal. I promise I would use it every time I come over!

The only thing is, would it still smell like the ones in public places, or is that just due to the fact that some people have really nasty smelling urine?


Unknown said...


Maybe if you picked a urinal that didn't have the splattering problem that so many tend to have, Becky would be more in support of your amazing idea.

I'm with Todd...I would give it plenty of use.