Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If the minivan's rockin' ... Andy

It's probably all of us inside singing the "Ittsy-bittsy Spider" with all the handmotions!

That's right folks... the latest blow to my wanning coolness comes in the shape of a 2007 Toyota Sienna. My testosterone level is down to an all-time low. We got a good deal from a friend of mine that works at a dealership ('sup, John?). Now I really am torn. I can't believe I'm driving a mini-van, but I like being behind the wheel of this beast. Maybe it's the height, maybe it's the great handling, or maybe it's a symbol of this stage of my life that I like most about it. I am loving fatherhood, and if this is what I drive as a result... I will drive it with honor. I know it's corny, but It helps to say it out loud...

"Hello, my name is Andy, and I own a minivan."
What, that feels so freeing!