Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Her first Sleep-over Andy

Cammie spent her first night away from Becky and I on Sunday night. She stayed with Nana and Papa. It was really quite at home! Luke seemed worried when we came home without her. He was pacing by the door and looking for the carrier. We slept really well, I'm trying to dropkick a cold and went to bed early. We certainly had to have our alarm set or we would have never gotten up. Yep, Cammie does make a good alarm clock, though her snooze button doesn't work!

Well, It's been a while Andy

We recently got back from the annual 'Polar bear retreat' to Myrtle Beach. We did take Cammie with us, but she wasn't any trouble. We had a lot of fun, we played some games with the Whitesides, Vaughns, and Furry's. I won so that was that much more fun. Though, I feel Gary would have beat me if he was there.

We had a breakfast on Saturday morning with the Vaughns and the Furry's. On Saturday afternoon we went Geocaching with Todd and Amanda. They were newbies and each of the them had a find (Todd had two!). We went 5 for 5!

Well, that was a good dry run for our next trip... Disney World! It's coming up really soon! But not soon enough, I'm pretty anxious.

Monday, January 15, 2007

TEETHING... ughhhhhhh! Andy

I had no idea it would be like this... Cammie is teething, or at least we think she is. Constant drooling, runny nose and blood-curdling cries, and through the magic of Baby Orajel (buy stock in them!), she's back to normal in a few seconds. At night, it's the worst. She wakes up often and through the process of drooling and having a running nose, and laying down she gets congested and coughs a lot.

Anyone know how long this goes on, cause after 3 days I'm ready for it to be over and to have Cammie back to her usual self.

I've promised Cammie that she can have a brownie when she gets eight teeth... That better be a really good brownie for this to be worth it!!!

Any advice would be appreciated here... add your comments!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The coolest photo tool I've seen! Andy

If you haven't tried it yet you gotta try Google's Picasa Photo tool. I can't imagine what I did with out it. It will organize your photos into a timeline that you can browse around in... It has a pretty cool screensaver function, and it will let you order prints from a long list of providers (I use Snapfish), and it will upload the photos for you. Oh and you get 250mb of free web space to share pictures.

Oh, and for all you bloggers out there, it will let you post pictures directly to your blog (if you use "blogspot" aka "Blogger"). There's a link over to the right... sign up from over there on the right (if you love Cammie) It's the "Google's Photo Software" Button.

Did I forget to mention that it was FREE?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wee-little Gamer Andy

Cammie and I are playing her new video game system... Well, I'm playing it, i think she's looking at a pile of bibs! It's the vtech vsmile system. She can learn baby sign language from this thing. Maybe I should watch and learn with her, otherwise we won't know what she is saying.

Time to make the cookies Andy

Here's a picture from the archives... making cookies at `Grandma` Donna's house making cookies with the crew. Cammie wanted in on the action. Here she is working hard in the kitchen and she has the flour on her face to prove it. Oh yeah, the cookies were good, too.

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My Little Omnivore Andy

Well, she did it. She ate meat for the first time last night. Mmmm, Lamb! No signs of allergies, so I think we're good to go! I'm so proud of her!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Cammie's big brother Andy

For those of you wondering how our dog and Cammie are getting along... maybe this will help to explain. When we got home with Cammie, a switch flipped in Luke, and he became an excellent guardian. He started notifying us of all the goings on outside the house. For the first few nights she was in her own room, he slept in the doorway of her room so no one could get in or out without him knowing. He loves to clean up after meals, and Cammie loves to watch Luke run around. There going to be great friends as far as we can tell.

Six Months and Counting Andy

Cammie is six months old now... and still keeping us on our toes. Here's a partial list of all her requirements...

  • Sleeping through the night... for almost four months. This is one of the best milestones!
  • Laughing... She started about two or three months ago, It's really contagious. It's my favorite sound in the world
  • Eating fruits, veggies, and cereal... Her first meal was on Halloween, where she had squash. She's tried almost all of the varieties... and no allergies that we've noticed. Becky wants to start her on meat soon.
  • Sitting up... Over the Christmas holiday, she really started to sit up on her own for extended periods of time. She really likes to sit up now, which makes feeding her a bottle increasingly difficult.
  • Sippy-cup... We are in the process of getting her used to the whole sippy-cup concept. She seems to be catching on, but I think she still prefers the bottle. Baby steps
  • Talking... Well not any specific words, but she did find her voice recently and has started being more vocal... good or bad?
So that get's you all caught up... with the basics... we'll try and keep you posted.