Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Road trip! Andy

Here's what we got to look forward to this weekend.... That's right it's a big fat road trip to Becky's family reunion. Except this year, we're going with Cammie, it could end with us turning around and making a bee-line home. `Cause when Cammie's not happy in the car, ain't nobody happy in the car! We've broken up most of it to were we aren't in the car for more than 4 hours a day (except for the trip up to Bel Air, but we'll be making this trip in the EARLY AM to allow Cammie to sleep, and to attempt to beat rush hour in DC, probably futile I know)

We're staying with family and friends pretty much every night, so it should make it a pretty cheap trip, with the exception of GAS!

So pray for us this weekend:

  • That Cammie will travel happy.
  • That Andy will stay awake when driving.
  • That Becky will be comfy.
  • That the roads will be oddly vacant of dangerous, sleepy, drunk, and dangerously-sleepy-drunk drivers!

Monday, July 9, 2007

A road by any other name... Andy

...smells just as expensive!

NC-540 or I-540 is about to open up near our house. A bit before schedule to take the lower west side of the Capital city by surprise. But that's not the only surprise. A few days ago, after the signs were all up, the legislators decided to rename the section south of I-40 "NC-540" and as a result, had to reinstall new signs. But why would they do something soooo silly, you ask?

Well in true NC legislative form, they decided to act against the will of the people and chase the almighty dollar. Like they did when they broke the lottery deadlock, by waiting until the session was over and one opponent was in surgery, and another on his already postponed honeymoon and calling a special session to vote in the lottery quite underhandedly.

If you have been following the whole toll road debate, then you probably know that the toll road was originally slated for the stretch south of 55. Even according to the turnpike authority, that was, and still is the plan "on record". But by this simple and seemingly innocent name change, the legislation has opened the way for the toll road to extend all the way to I-40.

What gets my goat is that the turnpike authority has had several community informational and feedback sessions where they "proposed" and their plan. And now POOF without even updating their website, there is a plan by the DOT to extend the toll section.

I can't say that I am surprised that our state government under the leadership of mike sleasley would do such a thing. But this is too omuch for me to understand how these clowns get elected. PLEASE VOTE. That is all!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Our 4th of July Andy

It was project central 'round these parts. Hardly a holiday if you ask me, but we did get a lot accomplished so that was cool. Here's a run down...

  • Cammie's new room is under construction. We are gonna move here into a new room and leave the nursery for the one in the oven! We got the base coat painted. It's green, but a nice green. Not to dark, not too light. Thanks Mom! In the future there will be ladybugs all over the place in there. More on that later.
  • Installed an under-the-sink water filter. Thanks Dad! Pretty cool, but it leaked. After getting the correct tool, I found a little piece of plastic laying across an O-ring causing the leak. Fixed now.
  • We were hoping to put the icemaker on the same filter system, but couldn't find the line in the basement, so we had had to get an in-line filter for that.
  • While in the basement I noticed our dehumidifier wasn't working, it had tripped the breaker. So I reset the breaker and returned to the basement to see very festive fireworks shooting out the bottom... UNPLUG! So we ended up replacing the dehumidifier, too.
Hope you enjoyed your fourth as much as we did!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Nerd Content! Andy

You may not notice, but the blog address has changed. will continue to work, it will just redirect you to the new... easy to remember

Extra credit for anyone who can figure out what "bandjos" is all about...

Monday, July 2, 2007

In a word.. Unbelievable! Andy

This is a friend of mine... It's a funny story, and a valuable lesson in automotive anatomy.

Perception Without Deception: Unbelievable!

Turning One... Again Andy

We had Cammie's second birthday party in Charlotte this past weekend. Everyone was there! It was a really good time to catch up with Becky's family. Cammie got a couple of Dolls, some books, some clothes, a really soft stuffed horse, and plenty of attention from her cousins!

On the way home, we stopped by Heather and Jason's house and surprised them with the big news!!! That's right, I finally finished and delivered their wedding video. Which reminds me of one the the tenants I live by: "If a job is worth doing, it's worth taking three years to do it!" Oh, And we also told them the other news that Becky is preggers.

Finished of the weekend with the small group at the bowling alley. Not that it's important, but I won!