Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 2009 Becky

Cammie turned 3 on June 21! She had a party at Monkey Joe's, with lunch, cake & presents at Nana & Papa's house on Monday. We all had a great time. Thanks to friends and family for her awesome gifts! Andy & I have had as much fun as she has playing with them (with her, of course :)! We got her a Dora scooter that she has been asking for for months. Shhh! Don't tell Cammie, because we haven't given it to her yet!! We've been so busy every day and we wanted to give it to her together, plus she's been so happy playing with her other new things that it just hasn't seemed like the right time!

Cammie is now fully potty-trained!! A battle I never thought would end and I am really enjoying being past that. Uh-oh, wait, as I write this, I see Andy changing her sheets...she just wet her bed :( Ok, so daytime potty-trained so far.

She says some really funny things now that her vocabulary is increasing! Today our dog Luke had an accident in the basement and she put her hand on his head and said, "Luke, its your responsibility to clean up your mess!" Ha! I wish!

We took the kids to the neighborhood pool for the first time this year. Devon is totally fearless! Cammie is pretty close, too. We definitely have two water lovers!

Days are busy and challenging, but also fun and rewarding. Andy & I are about to celebrate 10 years on June 26. Life is good!