Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Been A Long Time! Becky

So since we haven't posted since August, you can tell how busy we've been. We now have a 1 year old and a 2 year old if that gives you an idea! Devon turned one on November 7. You can see how much he enjoyed digging in to his first piece of cake! He loves playing with his new Little People and trucks he got for his birthday! He has a very comical personality! These two are great entertainment for us! Cammie loves to dress up and help in the kitchen. She has just gotten in to watching Blues Clues and Thomas the Train reruns on the "Sprout on Demand" channel and she sings all the time. I love to hear her sing her songs about Jesus. Sometimes I get all teary-eyed. I guess you can say Cammie & Devon have the typical sibling relationship. Sometimes I feel like I play referee all day as I hear "No, Devon!" and see them pushing eachother around. Other times, they are playing so sweet together and one gives the other a hug and I just enjoy watching the moment and trying to capture it in my memory. Nap time is now over, so I must go. I do thank God for little breaks to restore my own energy!