Monday, January 14, 2008

Another Top 10 Andy

Here's another list, this one is the top 10 things that caught me by surprise about having 2 kids.

10) Pardon the algebra
X = energy expended raising one child
Y = energy expended raising two children
2X ≠ Y
In fact:
Y = X*X

9) If a baby boy is naked... he's only seconds away from peeing! Don't believe me? Try it (but keep your mouth closed!)

8) We don't need another baby! Two is perfect for us!

7) Minivans are a pretty sensible solution. This is still a work in progress, as we have still not "upgraded" to a minivan. But we did test drive a crossover, but found it lacking in either seating or trunk space depending on the 3rd row configuration!

6) Devon makes a great emergency space heater! If I hold Devon, he makes me sweat!

5) Life is untidy! Forget keeping a room tidy after nap time is over! Granted I could mess up a room pretty well, but It would take me a whole weekend!

4) Naps are a survival instinct. If you don't feel like taking a nap after dealing with the kids all day, I don't think you're doing it right!

3) We now tivo Sesame Street.

2) Vacations used to be relaxing!

1) Not ALL white baby's are weird-looking! No offense to any of you who have had weird-looking white babies!

It's been a while... Andy

Wow, I used to be so good at updating this blog, back when life was something resembling simple. Now, here I am two month's an a week into my son's life and just now getting around to updating all of our loyal fans ;)

Well, what is new? Maybe the better question is, "What isn't new?"

Cammie is growing up so much, testing some boundaries, and adjusting to having a baby brother around to share Mom and Dad with. She is saying names, and various household items. We are trying to ween here from her pacifier (she calls it a "bah-bah", still trying to figure out where she got that name from). Right now it's nighttime and car-ride thing only! And she's doing pretty well with it. She is being a great little helper. She will pick up stuff for Devon and she really enjoys sticking his pacifier in the general vicinity of his face.

Devon, needless to say, is growing and changing everyday. It's all happening soooo fast. We've had a few nights of uninterrupted sleep, which is a very welcome development! He's smiling a lot and recognizes us. He is a tremendous burper! I'm not talking those little venting sounds that some kids (and grown women) make, I'm talking rip-roaring-room shakers! ... That's my boy!