Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A New Season Becky

Cammie turned 4 on June 21. We are enjoying the last few weeks of summer as we think of the upcoming Fall schedule. On August 21, Cammie starts Pre-Ballet classes on Saturday mornings. She took a trial class and she loved it (and we loved watching!) The teacher was so great with these 4-5 year olds. They will be so fun to watch as they learn their first ballet moves and wear their cute little leotards, tu-tu's and ballet shoes.
On September 7, she will start half day preschool 4 days a week. She went 2 full days a week from March-June at Goddard right at the front of our neighborhood. It was great and convenient, but 2 full days are long! I am looking forward to her just going until lunch time at her new school, Windborne, which is also a Christian preschool and we are excited about her getting a good foundation there. Then on September 23, Cammie will enter her second year as a Cubbie at AWANA. The world of birthday parties seems to have suddenly hit with 3 parties in 4 weeks time!
Busy social life for this little girl, who suddenly seems to be growing up so fast!
Devon is 2 years, 9 months old. He is such a talker and singer. He will enter his second year as a Puggle at AWANA, but that is enough for now. When he turns 4, our plan is that he will start playing soccer. Cammie tried it this year and it was hard to keep Devon off the field. He looks like he's got the knack for it, too. Following in his Dad's footsteps. So, today, on our first day home in days, we watched Super Why, the kids played while I did dishes and laundry, then we spent an hour in the front yard, enjoying the kiddie pool. After lunch, both kids took a good nap, which will be over in a few minutes. These days won't last much longer, so I had to document them while I have the chance.