Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bye-bye ba-ba Becky

Cammie had her 2 year check up today and was such a little angel! I told her pediatrician that she still takes a pacifier when she sleeps and I've been waiting for the right time for her to part with it. He said now would be a good time and I just told her in front of him "Did you hear that? Your doctor says no more baba." (she came up with that name for it and has been quite attached to it, especially when she got her last 4 teeth around the same time. It really helped her through that and we were glad she had it!) I was fearing this would be really tough for her. At nap, she asked for it and I said "no, remember the doctor said no more baba." She said "ah-ha" and I rocked her for a few minutes and put her down and never heard a peep. Andy put her down for bed tonight and same thing. She's been asleep for a little over an hour. So far, so good!! I'm so proud of her!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Dadda Andy

It's official! Devon said "Dadda" this weekend, while looking right at me. It's a few days late for Father's Day, but I can't complain. Devon is starting to vocalize a lot more... voice rather than screaming. Things are getting to be more fun.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fun with photobooth Andy

One of the built in features of Becky's mac is the photobooth application, which you can use to take pictures or videos with the webcam. Not only that, but you can put funny little filters on the pictures as well. Cammie and I had fun with this the other day.

It was lots of fun UNTIL...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Little Helper Becky

Here are some pics that Cammie's "Papa" took. We're blessed to have Andy's folks take care of the kids the two days I work at the church. They do such fun stuff with them, too. Cammie learns about gardening at their house...she helped Papa plant his tomato plants and as you can see she loves to water their plants and get a little wet herself in the process! Our now 23 month old's favorite phrase is "I help!" She loves to help take care of Devon, cook, bake, plant things, make things, clean, whatever. Sometimes it slows us down, but I keep in mind that she is learning things that may become very important to her in the future and we want to help her blossom. Andy & I have a song we love that fits Cammie so well. Andy used to play it for me when we were dating, now we think of Cammie when we hear it and it brings tears to my eyes. Its called "Butterfly." Andy'll have to play it for you sometime. I think of that song as I look at these pictures. Andy, our little girl is growing up so fast!

Andy adds... Here's a link to a snippet in the iTunes store...