Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011 Becky

Our church held 5 identical services this year. Two of which were on Saturday. We opted for the 6:30 service on Saturday evening, so we wouldn't have to go when it would be so crowded. We had already had a fun, busy day with Agnors and Joslins. Both kids fell asleep on the way home from Dave & Karen's house. They were bushed! So we got dressed to go to service. I actually ironed my clothes, (a true rarity), straightened my hair and wore a jeweled hair clip and had on make-up. I came downstairs and Devon looked at me and said "Are you a new mommy?" I took that as a compliment. Then he said "Are you my mommy?" I said "Yes" and he said, "Then, I love you!" I must not dress up enough. Thank you, my sweet boy. Then Cammie told me I smelled pretty. I love my sweet kids! They made me feel good today. Although, when we tried to take pictures in everyone's nice clothes for Easter, everyone turned grumpy. I am starting to think we really never will get a nice family picture. Drama always happens when we dress up and try to take pictures.

Anyway, we enjoyed the Easter service and Cammie told us all about what she had learned (she is a good listener. Love to hear what she is learning!) and the kids happily sang "Hosanna" in the car. We went out for pizza at Georginas and ate outside. Sunday we got to stay home all day. It felt very strange not going to an Easter Sunday service, but we still celebrated at home. I sat down with my Bible and read the account in Matthew of Jesus trial, crucifixion and resurrection. I got to rest in Christ for a few moments. It was a sweet moment, just He and I. We watched some of a claymation movie called "The Miracle Maker" about Jesus' ministry. We had an egg hunt with the neighbors and Nana & Papa came over. Andy made a wonderful roast lamb and later we enjoyed Karen's wonderful rice pudding recipe. I am very thankful that Jesus was willing to go through all the horror that he did for us. I am so very grateful. He could have easily changed his mind, that we weren't worth it. I am so glad He does find us all worth the price he paid. What love!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kid Stuff Becky

I'm enjoying blogging on my own new blog, but that blog is becoming more of a personal journal, so I'll update the kiddo stuff here. It seems kinda funny still having the name "Two and Two High-Chairs" when our kids don't use high chairs anymore, but I guess that just goes to show how quickly things change, even when they feel like they'll be that way forever while you're in it.
So, Cammie is 4 years and 9 months old. She'll graduate from preschool next month in May and start kindergarten in July. She had school spring pictures taken. She told me & Andy that they put a funny looking blue square hat on her head with a thing hanging down and she wore a blue dress. When it hit me that she was wearing a graduation cap & gown, tears just started rolling down my face. What happened to that tiny little baby I held not too long ago? She's becoming quite the little lady. Cammie loves to wear a skirt or dress just about every day, lots of hair bows and sparkly shoes. She picks out her own clothes and I can let her because she really does well with coordinating. I've only had to veto a few things, but that is mainly a weather issue or because she wants to wear her fancy Christmas dress to school. (She pulls that one out any chance she gets. She wore it when she was 2! Anytime she moves her arms, the buttons on the back pop open!) I am still always proud when I witness her interactions with her peers. Cammie is confident, thoughtful, and fun. I think she is a good friend to others.
Devon is 3 years and 5 months old. Right now his favorite toy is plastic Easter eggs. (Its 3 weeks before Easter and I had to buy some for church) He has carried them everywhere, taken a bath with them and sleeps with them. He gets hooked on a certain type of toy for a week or more and it is all he wants to do. Some of his choices are pretty amusing. Let's see, there's been Care Bears, Polly Pockets, Squinkies, Princesses, Disney figurines, erasers, plastic beads. He carries so much in his hands, I'm afraid they are going to get stuck in a clenched position! Devon is very musical. He loves singing all the time. Lately its been the songs from Tangled, Veggie Tale tunes or Care Bear tunes or songs from our kids sing along cd. He loves looking at books and lining up whatever his favorite choice of toys is for that season.
Our big issues we're dealing with right now are 1) Devon not listening, 2) Devon still having some potty training dilemmas 3) the kids fighting over toys 4) Cammie getting attitude. As my mom always says, "this too shall pass." Then we'll be on to whatever the next challenge is. So glad the rewards far outweigh the challenges! Sometimes it doesn't feel that way, but when I think of the big picture, they sure do!