Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011 Becky

Our church held 5 identical services this year. Two of which were on Saturday. We opted for the 6:30 service on Saturday evening, so we wouldn't have to go when it would be so crowded. We had already had a fun, busy day with Agnors and Joslins. Both kids fell asleep on the way home from Dave & Karen's house. They were bushed! So we got dressed to go to service. I actually ironed my clothes, (a true rarity), straightened my hair and wore a jeweled hair clip and had on make-up. I came downstairs and Devon looked at me and said "Are you a new mommy?" I took that as a compliment. Then he said "Are you my mommy?" I said "Yes" and he said, "Then, I love you!" I must not dress up enough. Thank you, my sweet boy. Then Cammie told me I smelled pretty. I love my sweet kids! They made me feel good today. Although, when we tried to take pictures in everyone's nice clothes for Easter, everyone turned grumpy. I am starting to think we really never will get a nice family picture. Drama always happens when we dress up and try to take pictures.

Anyway, we enjoyed the Easter service and Cammie told us all about what she had learned (she is a good listener. Love to hear what she is learning!) and the kids happily sang "Hosanna" in the car. We went out for pizza at Georginas and ate outside. Sunday we got to stay home all day. It felt very strange not going to an Easter Sunday service, but we still celebrated at home. I sat down with my Bible and read the account in Matthew of Jesus trial, crucifixion and resurrection. I got to rest in Christ for a few moments. It was a sweet moment, just He and I. We watched some of a claymation movie called "The Miracle Maker" about Jesus' ministry. We had an egg hunt with the neighbors and Nana & Papa came over. Andy made a wonderful roast lamb and later we enjoyed Karen's wonderful rice pudding recipe. I am very thankful that Jesus was willing to go through all the horror that he did for us. I am so very grateful. He could have easily changed his mind, that we weren't worth it. I am so glad He does find us all worth the price he paid. What love!

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