Friday, July 6, 2007

Our 4th of July Andy

It was project central 'round these parts. Hardly a holiday if you ask me, but we did get a lot accomplished so that was cool. Here's a run down...

  • Cammie's new room is under construction. We are gonna move here into a new room and leave the nursery for the one in the oven! We got the base coat painted. It's green, but a nice green. Not to dark, not too light. Thanks Mom! In the future there will be ladybugs all over the place in there. More on that later.
  • Installed an under-the-sink water filter. Thanks Dad! Pretty cool, but it leaked. After getting the correct tool, I found a little piece of plastic laying across an O-ring causing the leak. Fixed now.
  • We were hoping to put the icemaker on the same filter system, but couldn't find the line in the basement, so we had had to get an in-line filter for that.
  • While in the basement I noticed our dehumidifier wasn't working, it had tripped the breaker. So I reset the breaker and returned to the basement to see very festive fireworks shooting out the bottom... UNPLUG! So we ended up replacing the dehumidifier, too.
Hope you enjoyed your fourth as much as we did!

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