Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Road trip! Andy

Here's what we got to look forward to this weekend.... That's right it's a big fat road trip to Becky's family reunion. Except this year, we're going with Cammie, it could end with us turning around and making a bee-line home. `Cause when Cammie's not happy in the car, ain't nobody happy in the car! We've broken up most of it to were we aren't in the car for more than 4 hours a day (except for the trip up to Bel Air, but we'll be making this trip in the EARLY AM to allow Cammie to sleep, and to attempt to beat rush hour in DC, probably futile I know)

We're staying with family and friends pretty much every night, so it should make it a pretty cheap trip, with the exception of GAS!

So pray for us this weekend:

  • That Cammie will travel happy.
  • That Andy will stay awake when driving.
  • That Becky will be comfy.
  • That the roads will be oddly vacant of dangerous, sleepy, drunk, and dangerously-sleepy-drunk drivers!

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