Wednesday, August 1, 2007

One Thousand-Eleventy-One Miles Andy

Well, we made it! It was all pretty fun. Despite lack of sleep and a moderate fever that Cammie had early on, we were able to do everything that we wanted to do, and see everyone we wanted to see.

Friday: A "late" start... we were trying to get on the road at 2AM but didn't actually leave til shortly after 3AM. That was still fine, I was able to sleep for a few hours before we left. We got in the DC area around 7:30 as the morning rush hour was starting to gain intensity. Good thing we had Cammie with us as we were able to use the HOV-3 lanes and blew right through without much of a delay at all. BTW, I really like HOV lanes! We got to the "Hotel A" (the Alsbrook's house) at around 9AM, after picking up some Panera Bagels to share. We arrived, had some breakfast and caught up with our friends and Cammie had a 102 degree fever! The cause, we think, was that she was teething and the weird schedule really threw her off. On the plus side, I got to have some really nice snuggle-time with her as she slept in my arms for an hour or so (fevers aren't ALL bad). After a few games of "two-ball-fossball" (Grant beat me in sudden-death-overtime, don't worry, I will have my revenge) we headed out to Annie's playground for some running around and climbing. It was a really nice playground dedicated to a little girl who was hit by a car and died. Kind of a downer really, but the playground was a lot of fun. After grabbing a "Snowball" on the way back to the house, we stopped by Gregg's Church, and got the tour. It's a really nice church with a really nice outdoor park/picnic area.

Back to the house for a rematch and probably the best spaghetti I've had to date. I was finally able to beat Grant, in good old "two-ball" and we watched a bit of Shark-boy and Lava-girl, which I'm sure was written, and produced under the influence of something! Totally Weird, and not necessarily in a good way! We crashed in the basement and slept REALLY Well.

Saturday: We awoke to Cammie talking and completely fever-free. She was feeling great and was having a lot of fun with the kid's before we left at 8:30AM ... late ... again! The drive to Uniontown PA was very beautiful. We finaly got to the "family-mountain" at around 12:30 and were treated to a great lunch... including a personal favorite of mine stuffed cabbage... no, seriously... It's great! Then it was naptime, and Cammie and I again took a nap on the couch, despite the noise! We where pretty tired. Had some "wedding" cake then got in the pool after waiting the compulsory 30 minutes! Who makes up these rules? and there I stayed playing the role of "pool toy" for 4 hours, maybe more.
Some other highlights:

  • Two of the Uncles got married, and their wives didn't really seem to mind.
  • Whirlpools.
  • Butterscotch Dilly bars on the porch.
  • 29th of July Fireworks.
  • A really nice Super 8 Hotel... REALLY!

Sunday: We went to the family bruch at 10:00. We were NOT late! They have Golden Corrals up there! I had a really weird mix of Breakfast, Dessert, Lunch, and Dessert. I wouldn't recommend this without proper medical supervision. We'll it's off to West Virginia... In the car again! The drive went well, with the aid of Fergie, (my Dad's GPS) and after a short stop somewhere to stretch our legs and get couple of vanilla frosties (pregnancy-craving)...
Drive-thru-lady: Welcome to Wendy's can I help you?
Me: Yeah, can I get a small vanilla frosty, and a large vanilla frosty.
DTL: OK, drive around to the first window.
Me: OK.
DTL: That'll be $3.27. Looks like more rain huh?
Me: Yeah I guess, here you go.
DTL: And here's your change. Go ahead to the next window!
Me: OK
DTL2: Here you go, have a nice day!
Me: (pulling away like I stole something) Well, Becky it looks like they gave you a Large instead... sweeeeet
Becky: Did they charge you for it?
Me: (doing complicated head math, while merging onto highway... yikes) yeah I guess they did... Oh well. I guess we didn't quite do as well as we thought.
Becky: (opening the lid) And It's chocolate!
Me: Awwwe Man, they suck!

We arrive in Beckley after crossing the New River Gorge (nice view!) and settle in for a nice lazy sunday afternoon. Cammie and Cassidy get in kiddie pool and we sat on the porch and enjoyed the un-oppressive weather.

Monday: Had a great night sleep and awoke for a morning in which Cammie was walking like a champ! and she wasn't gonna stop there, she climbed the little slide and sat down on top ready to slide all by herself! She's awesome. We hung around till it was almost nap time, then took off for the last leg of our trip. Cammie and Becky slept most of the way home for almost 3 and a half hours. Got home around 8:15 and crumpled on the floor. It sure is nice to be home. We'll have pictures, soon. And as soon as I can figure out how to post a video of Cammie walking, I'll post it as well!
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rd said...

wow.. what a trip... sounds like more driving that visiting.. love those trips.. stinkin wendy's

oh, and you dont' have to lie andy, we all know you meant fergie as in "london bridges" fergie.. gps.. haha.. sure... you can have a guilty pleasure too.. :)