Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Great Mystery Andy

Call me crazy, but there is one section of I-40 that smells like butterscotch! I first noticed this anomaly when I was driving regularly to Charlotte when Becky and I were dating. In Greensboro, just east of the I85-Business split. It seemed that it was sporadic but more often then not you could smell it very strongly.

I have a few theories:

  • There is a factory hidden somewhere back there.
  • That section of 40 uses an experimental paving compound, based on recycled tennis balls and butterscotch sauce.
  • The Greensboro Chamber of Commerce is scenting the city so that people don't realize that they hate traffic and want to shoot the driver next to them. This way, the commute feels more like a Willy Wonka Ride than a chore.
  • There is a old lady living nearby that regularly restocks her candy dish. She unwraps the candy before putting it in the dish so that when the kiddies come by, all the candies are stuck together. This serves two purposes: It makes the kids happy, and it makes up for the fact that there is nothing fun for kids to do at her house except pry candy from the ever-growing glob.

Being of a more scientific nature, I would choose to apply Occam's Razor to figure out what the likely cause is... So I'm pretty sure it's the Old Lady thing.

But seriously, next time you are cruising through G-boro, roll down the window and breathe deep. It just might make you glad you are there... it could happen!

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