Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Fighting Game Andy

Those of you who were there can attest to the sheer velocity to which the night went from friendly to cut-throat!

It started innocent enough... GAME NIGHT! We played Catch Phrase for a while, at first, we kept score and the teams were, for once, not split on gender lines. After a while, it was fun just to play, without any score-keeping, however, I'm pretty sure my team would have won if it matters.

Becky disappeared for a minute, and came back with "Battle of the Sexes" game, dropped it on the table and said something like, "Let's play this... it makes you fight." At that point, everyone was skeptical, how could a simple game like this turn the evening into bitter arguments? So we cracked open the box and it was on like Donkey Kong. It was pretty fair and cordial, until the ladies got sent back to start by one of the wild cards. That was when the elusive female ego emerged and the claws came out. At one point the ladies, feeling that the questions for the guys were way easier than the ones we were asking the girls, suggested that we switch decks. The girls would now be asked questions all girls should know, and the guys would be asked about guy things. Kind of goes counter to the game's original intent, but we decided it was better to preserve what little love was left in the room. Backfire! It went from bad to worse, as the guys ran away with it.

I think Todd summed it up better than anyone could when he sarcastically stated, "You ladies are right! That was an unfair game. It seemed that the guys were asked really easy girl questions, and when we switched the guys were asked really easy guy questions." Go figure.

Seriously, We had a great time, and all apologies to the Vaughns for making them wait! The gellato wasn't even that great, Let's face it, It's no DQ blizzard or Goodberry's concrete.

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