Thursday, August 9, 2007

Site Update Andy

Last night, I had some free time, and decided I would HACK at our blog.

Geek side note: "Hacking" is not "Cracking". Cracking is the malicious action to try to p0wn a system that they do not own. Hacking is a much broader term that means many different things to different demographics... as a software engineer, to me it means "Adjusting or tweaking code to get it to perform beyond it's original intent." And that's pretty much what I've done.
And we're back... Some things that you may notice...
  • At the header, I moved in a picture (I will replace this with a cleaner pic, but it works for a proof of concept.)
  • I added "label" links across the top. Is the growing text annoying? Let me know.
  • In the blog post titles, I added some color (based on WHO posted it... Becky is blue, Andy is orange).
I rearranged some stuff, put fewer posts per page and removed some unused/unnecessary sections.

So, anyone with opinions, please comment. Thanks!

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