Thursday, August 23, 2007

Top 10 Signs Summer has overstayed her welcome... Andy

Here's my top 10!

10) The grass looks to be a slightly more greenish shade of yellowish brown on the other side of the fence.

9) You can't tell the temperature, cause that red stuff keeps squirting out of the top of your thermometer.

8) The bugs retired to Canada. With universal healthcare, it's a better place to live out the last few weeks of your lifespan.

7) Brownouts. My neighbors should really turn off their ACs, Cause when their comfort prevents me from watching Eureka... we got issues!

6) When the pool is warmer than an average bath... that is bothersome... Lathering up in the kiddie pool is downright unacceptable!

5) Wasn't there a lake here last week?

4) It's not so much the heat... yeah, you know what... it IS the heat!

3) You clean out the fridge so there's enough room to play scrabble inside it!

2) You have developed a "pavlovian" response to sweat when you hear a door open!

And the number one ... ugh ... [thud] ...

1) Ooh sorry, I passed out there for a second... what where we talking about.

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