Monday, August 20, 2007

Shall I be Tamed? Andy

I am torn! For my entire life, I have laughed at these people...!

Now, I feel drawn, well, not actually drawn, more like pushed! Much like the north poles of two magnets, I find myself repulsed form the idea, but I am unable to resist the push of a greater force pushing us together in a great, big, ironic vice.

Could this actually happen to us? I, as a man, have tried to avoid being domesticated. As it turns out domestication has it's upside (see Cammie & Devon). So I'm left with an internal struggle to be "Domesticated", to be "Wild", or to be "domesticated" but still appear "wild". I don't want to be "wild", I love my family to much to return to life without them, so that option is off the table! So I'm left at my current crossroads.
Down one road, I remain "domesticated", but work hard to appear to be "wild." I would still have to do all the things that are required of me, all the while still looking like the "wildman who can't be tamed!" Here's the only metaphor I can think of to describe it, imagine: "Batman, grocery shopping with the Batkids in one of those racecar-looking shopping carts, comparing toilet paper prices!" I'd really like to be Batman (that's NOT me in the picture), but, not at the expense of family. I'm pretty sure that I don't have the energy to keep my family in bat costumes to protect them from some weird super villian.

Down the other road, I give myself over to "domestication." I put away the Bat-gear and go to Chuck E Cheese as Bruce Wayne (without the billions in the bank, of course), I would have to beat down my ego, and accept the facts that are my life. I would conform with those that I once laughed at, saying I will NEVER end up like him!

So here I am, standing at my personal crossroads... To the left, is "Coolness at a price". To the right, is a minivan! Growing up stinks!

This is only about a minivan. Don't read more into it then there is!


rd said...

so you're getting a mini van huh?? well, you better at LEAST get one with a dvd player and complete bose surround sound.. :) that, i think, i s the only viable manly sollution.. did i mention a hemi, convertable with really cool flames painted down the side? i think dodge makes a van like that.. :)

The Shannons said...

We have a crossover and we love it! And all we have is a dog. We have had it full (7 people) on a couple of times and it was great.

Just going on the trend factor min-vans are on the way out. I know that Ford has stopped making them and I think chevy is as well. Maybe they are just calling mini-vans crossovers now.

You can check out ours next time at church or something if you'd like...Bill

Karen said...

Well, I wrote once and I guess I did it wrong. Oh well, just wanted to vote Yeah! for the mini-van. It could be worse! At least there is a better chance to not hear "He's touching me!" I would suggest you have a better filing system than you do in your car! It's much bigger and harder to find things.
Love you, Mom

rdj5417 said...

Oh I'm loving this. Machoman looking at a Batmovan. You could get a van with a red racing stripe down the side, but, like the red Mustang,it may draw the attention of the cops. You could go for a luggage rack on top. Cops never watch for plain gray vans with luggage racks. Sometimes at church I see the guys standing by minivan row talking about 0 - 60 and other macho stuff. I'm sure you could find a nitche somewhere.