Monday, August 13, 2007

New Tricks Andy

Cammie has been busy learning new tricks. Some are fun, some are obnoxious, some are downright dangerous. But, ya know, even the obnoxious ones are pretty cute in moderation!

  • Crawling up on her play table. This thing is on the dining room and is about 18" tall. She climbs up on the thing and seems to be trying to stand up. Did I mention that is is roughly the size of a place mat. Cuteness: 7, Danger: 6
  • Climbing the outside of the steps. When we are downstairs playing, we have a gate up at the bottom of the steps. It's no fun to stair at steps, and since she can't climb them, she climbs the narrow part of the steps that stick out past the handrail! She did fall (almost gracefully) once, and hopefully that was a lesson learned. Did I mention that the floor there is wood?! Danger: 8
  • Throwing herself backwards. While holding her, she will occasionally lunge backward, almost flipping herself out of your arms. She only does this when she is really tired, but It keeps you on your toes for sure. Cuteness: 0 Danger: 9
  • Her "All Done!" She will do this while eating. When her plate is empty, or she is done, she will open her palms up to the sky and put her elbows almost together, and say "aw daaa!" Cuteness: 9
  • Kisses. This one has me worried! She will lean in to your face, mouth to mouth. She hasn't really learned the modesty of a closed mouth kiss. I'm really hoping she grows out of this for strangers, and BOYS other than ME! I'm worried! Cuteness: 10
  • "Uh-Oh!" This isn't really a new one, but she has really started to use it a lot lately. Actual she is misusing it! She will throw or drop something intentionally then look at it, and say "Uh-Oooh!" We're trying to teach her that it doesn't count when you do it on purpose. Cuteness: 5
  • Walking FAST. She really loves walking. Sometimes she will get going so fast that she loses control and it's only a matter of time before she falls in a spectacular fashion! So far, she hasn't hurt herself yet. Cuteness: 8 Danger: 3
  • Unloading the dish washer. This is awesome. She will help unload the dish washer, clean or not. She starts with the silverware basket. One by one, she grabs a piece and holds it up to you to put away. The bad thing is that she will grab a knife if it's down there, and you can't load the dishes while she's on the floor. Cuteness: 9 Danger: 4
I'll post some video evidence later!

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