Monday, July 9, 2007

A road by any other name... Andy

...smells just as expensive!

NC-540 or I-540 is about to open up near our house. A bit before schedule to take the lower west side of the Capital city by surprise. But that's not the only surprise. A few days ago, after the signs were all up, the legislators decided to rename the section south of I-40 "NC-540" and as a result, had to reinstall new signs. But why would they do something soooo silly, you ask?

Well in true NC legislative form, they decided to act against the will of the people and chase the almighty dollar. Like they did when they broke the lottery deadlock, by waiting until the session was over and one opponent was in surgery, and another on his already postponed honeymoon and calling a special session to vote in the lottery quite underhandedly.

If you have been following the whole toll road debate, then you probably know that the toll road was originally slated for the stretch south of 55. Even according to the turnpike authority, that was, and still is the plan "on record". But by this simple and seemingly innocent name change, the legislation has opened the way for the toll road to extend all the way to I-40.

What gets my goat is that the turnpike authority has had several community informational and feedback sessions where they "proposed" and their plan. And now POOF without even updating their website, there is a plan by the DOT to extend the toll section.

I can't say that I am surprised that our state government under the leadership of mike sleasley would do such a thing. But this is too omuch for me to understand how these clowns get elected. PLEASE VOTE. That is all!

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