Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Choose your own punchline! Andy

Julie: "Mark, could you cut the cookie cake?"
Mark: "Should I cut it in triangles like a pizza, or in squares?"
Julie: "There is no wrong way to cut the cookie!"

So, let me set this up, and then it's up to you to fill in the punchline. When it happened, I had a million of them running through my head, and couldn't decide what say. We just looked at each other speechless.

It was Cassidy's birthday cookie cake. And as such, had "Happy Birthday CASSIDY!" written on a field of white icing. Mark, my brother in law, was given the task of cutting the cake. Let me repeat what Julie, my sister, said and give it the proper attention... "There is NO WRONG way to cut the cookie!" Did you catch it? Read it again, we'll wait... OK!

So Mark was going a great job of it, using a complex mental algorithm of slice-size to consumers-age ratio, while factoring in the extra icing that comes with the edge pieces, all the while being careful not to cut through any letters. So we all had our pieces loving prepared, and now for my Dad's piece. [ The following image contains middle-school-aged humor and has been rated PG.. Viewer discretion is advised! ]. Click on this image to see it in all it's splendor...

So there you have it... Of the million thoughts running through your head, which one would rise above all the others? Feel free to post your punchlines in the comments, but please... keep it PG! (You don't want me to drop the hammer on you do you?)

I should mention that the cut was completely unintentional, and that Mark is a Pastor.

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Unknown said...

That is super awesome!!! I'm going to feature this one on NLcast! :)