Monday, October 29, 2007

NC State Fair Becky

Andy's mom & dad took me & Cammie to the Fair on a Tuesday afternoon. We actually spent four hours there which was way beyond what I thought I could do being 3 weeks from my due date, but they left it up to me and I was enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Cammie enjoyed seeing the pig with all its baby piglets, a big cow, a little pony and hearing all the roosters. She also walked through this cute exhibit for kids where they can pick up items from crops then turn them in at the end for play money and then turn in their money for a goody bag. Then we went through the UNC TV area and took pictures with the cartoon character cut-outs.

The first picture was when we first arrived and the last was when she conked out in the stroller 4 hours later.

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Aubrey said...

Wasn't the market exhibit great!! Our kids loved it. I thought the apple trees were really cute.