Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween Becky

So, here's our cute, sleepy little fairy. Halloween was a long, busy day! I rushed through work while Cammie was with Nana & Papa, so we could get to Tekelec at 3:00 for a family Halloween party. Andy enjoyed showing Cammie off at work, then we went over to the culdesac with some food and ate with the neighbors outside. Jackie, Nana & Papa came to see Cammie dressed up and Andy & I took her to a few houses to trick-or-treat. She got tired very quickly, so we sat on the front steps and handed out candy. Cammie enjoyed putting candy in the other kids baskets, which was sweet to watch. She had her first "tiff" that I've sen with another child when she pulled a teddy bear out of a girls hands and had a death grip on it. She did not want to give it back and I had a hard time getting it back to the other child. Both were screaming. It was her first time meeting Hannah who is 2 weeks younger than Cammie and I don't think Cammie made a good first impression!

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