Thursday, October 11, 2007

Curious Cammie Becky

Here she is...15 months old and learning how things work. The funniest part is me at 9 months pregnant trying to keep up with her in all her curious findings. I'm thankful for nap time! On Tuesdays we go to Pottery Barn Kids for story and play time. She loves it. They have chalk and crayons and she's just started enjoying coloring. They have these great chairs for her to climb up in with a book or puppet, and a kitchen area and doll house for her to play with. This outing was a great find for us! It gets us out of the house on Tuesday mornings when Andy works from home so he can actually get stuff done. Otherwise, Cammie knows how to open those french doors to our home office and goes in to visit him a lot!
I have to laugh at the things she does and gets in to. Some things gross me out beyond words, but I am hearing these seem to be typical behavior for lots of kids her age. Here's a few faves you might get a kick out of:
1. Putting Luke's dog food one piece at a time in his water dish so we have lots of nasty soggy dog food that he won't eat.
2. Cleaning other things with her toothbrush like the glass shower door, the laundry room floor and then it goes back in her mouth!
3. Throwing anything she can find into toilets, then sticks her hand in to get them out again.
4. Sharing her food with Luke, including letting him lick her hands and then puts them back in her mouth.
So, slow momma is trying her best to catch these things before they happen, but sometimes she just gets ahead of me! She has a great little sense of humor and is learning new things daily it seems. I am currently reading "Calm My Anxious Heart" by Linda Dillow with some of the other ladies in my neighborhood. We get together and have great discussions about what we are learning from our reading. Its been good for me because it speaks about being content with who and where you are right now and not wishing you were at another stage in life or circumstances. So through uncomfortable pregnancy aches and pains and sleep deprivation, I remember to enjoy the movement and miracle of the baby boy being formed in my womb and know that this will not last long. And as I freak out about germs and my 1 year old, I am thankful to be a mom and get to witness all of this and help her learn. God has given me a great task and I will not only be content in it, but enjoy it to the fullest.


Adam, Jackie, Owen, & Alaina said...

You're so awesome Becky! You are a great example to so many!
God has blessed Cammie and Devon with the most loving and wonderful mother!:)

laura said...

I LOVE CAMMIE! What makes her so wonderful I think ---is her AWESOME parents. We have found that the cooler/more open the parents the more social & cool the kids are.
You are a great mom Becky! It's awesome that you don't let the little things bother you--that's something you'l have to teach me.
love you,
laura beth