Monday, July 7, 2008

Devon Update Andy

Here's a quick little update for Devon. He's almost 8 months old, and has the build of a future NFL linebacker (or maybe a defensive end, too early to tell for sure). He Is crawling now and he is FAST! It's not a typical crawl though, It's kind of a frog swim on land I think is the best way to describe it. He's also able to set up after crawling. Becky and I can't remember ever seeing him do that before, so we're calling this the first time.

His verbal range is increasing, both in volume and vocabulary. He can say all sorts of words... none of them english except the occasional "dada" and "mama". I'm not sure what language he is learning, but it seems to consist of sequels, giggles, piercing shrieks, and coos. Maybe it's Dutch?

He got another haircut yesterday, and once again behaved like an angel!

He continues to show his love for Mommy by sneezing while she is feeding him. To bad he doesn't Love ME like that ;) !

Remind me I have to post some video of him crawling...

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