Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is this thing on... Andy

Well, It's been four years since I put a decent post in this thingy... is anyone still listening? I don't blame you if you moved on, but Why am I even saying that, you wouldn't read the original (potentially offending) statement.... Let me start over...

Hello, Sorry I've let this go un-updated for so long. Let's get this party started again!

Sunday we went bowling... Devon beat us all! Yeah, he's four. He really embraced that ramp thingy and the bumpers and got a 127 in the third game I got 113. I'd love to give you a list of excuses... so I will:
  • It was the third game.
  • My arm was tired.
  • I had "bowlers" elbow.
  • That soft-pretzel was a tad greasy, and effected my grip.
  • I only bowled 5 frames... 113 isn't that bad.
  • I was trying to keep my golf and bowling averages the same.
  • I let him win.
  • I wanted a good story to kick start the blog again.
  • I was gassy.
  • I was showing solidarity with the bottom 1%.
  • My ball was full of bees.
  • My shoes clashed with my socks, and kept distracting me.
  • My lane was slanted.
  • I am not right-handed.
I am simultaneously proud and ashamed... am I doing it right?

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